Andrew Nevins

Doctor of Philosophy, (Food Engineering)
Study Completed: 2009
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Significant factors affecting horticultural corrugated fibreboard strength

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Mr Nevins researched the affects of high humidity horticultural cool-store conditions on the strength of corrugated fibreboard. He also investigated how the speed of the fluting forming operation in the corrugated fibreboard manufacturing process impact on the strength of corrugated fibreboard. The purpose of the research was to measure the most significant factors and model them to allow improvements to the box design of horticultural corrugated fibreboard. High performance corrugated board is one of the two most important packaging materials used by the New Zealand apple and kiwifruit industries. The effects of moisture were more significant than temperature and were modelled. The speed of the flute forming process was not significant, which raised more questions surrounding the strength variation of samples taken after the manufacturing process.

Professor John Mawson
Dr Alex McKenzie
Dr David Tanner
Professor John Bronlund
Mr Ian Chalmers