Creativity at Massey

As New Zealand’s defining university, it’s our job at Massey to produce the next generation of creative thinkers. The challenges we face today are different from those we faced even 10 years ago, and the way we equip our young people needs to change radically to keep up.

Massey produces some of the world’s finest designers in fashion, film and industry. Massey scientists are on the brink of releasing a new protein that will help alleviate the world food shortage; we’ve developed new investment strategies; and we’ve transformed our unrivalled expertise in sheep farming into a niche global consultancy market. This is the kind of creative thinking that characterises Massey and the emerging breed of ‘new’ Kiwi.

The key to success will be in recognising the importance of the creative dynamic between different subject areas. And crucially, this approach is building us a research capability with the power to influence on a world scale.