Massey Enterprise

Massey is committed to translating innovative academic research into commercial opportunities, through existing commercial enterprises or new ventures. Our goal is to create and transfer knowledge for the benefit of New Zealand.

Massey Enterprise has the exclusive responsibility for commercialising intellectual property from research and discovery within the University. We work in partnership with the BioCommerce Centre in the Manawatu and the eCentre in Auckland. Our overarching philosophy is to move knowledge and IP out of the University to the business community as quickly as possible to maximise opportunities for creating value for New Zealand.

Massey Enterprise also provides a point of entry to the University for companies wishing to access the skills, capability and technologies within the University.

Massey Ventures Ltd is a fully owned subsidiary of the University and holds equity in a range of companies that have been spun out of the University.

Massey University also has a number of departments whose principal purpose is to undertake commercial activities, including the Centre for Educational Development, Conference Services, and the Sport and Rugby Institute.

Commercial ventures