Initiatives at Massey University

At Massey University, we do far more than educate the next generation of New Zealand's professionals, academics and researchers. Massey also makes contributions to the nation, and the wider world, through its initiatives in creativity, innovation, sustainability, and commercialisation. More than just an institution of higher learning, Massey University is dedicated to being an engine of positive change for the new New Zealand.

Massey Ventures Ltd

Massey Ventures Limited (MVL) is a fully owned subsidiary of Massey University, and is the vehicle for managing the University’s commercial investments.

Our exclusive responsibility for the commercialisation of intellectual property vested in the university spans every stage of the commercialisation process.

The Wonder Room

Work with Massey University's talented students to solve challenges your business or community group is facing, or bring ideas to reality.

The Wonder Room is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative space, bringing the skills, creativity and enthusiasm of our business, science, engineering and humanities students to you - our local businesses and community groups.


Massey University is a leader in online and borderless education. Students from over 100 countries study online with Massey University from their own country.

Overseas organisations can access Massey University's expertise and build vital capability through customised professional development courses, or form partnerships with Massey to deliver academic programmes.

Agrifood Business

Agrifood Business comprises highly innovative and important industries that span the food value chain from molecule to mouth. Massey University has integrated expertise in agrifood across our areas of expertise in sciences, health, business, creative arts and humanities and social sciences.

Creativity at Massey


As New Zealand’s defining university, it’s our job at Massey to produce the next generation of creative thinkers. The challenges we face today are different from those we faced even 10 years ago, and the way we equip our young people needs to change radically to keep up.

Commercialisation at Massey


Massey Enterprise incorporates a range of initiatives, including managing commercial ventures and training programmes. It also provides a point of entry to the University for companies wishing to access the skills, capability and technologies within the University.


The ultimate challenge for a university is to translate, distribute and exploit the new knowledge its academics continually create. Massey staff and students embrace the “innovation cycle”—creating new ideas, then partnering with entrepreneurs and stakeholders in industry and government to transform these ideas into solutions.


We regularly provide consultation services to industry, drawing on our wide range of skills and research to help businesses across many fields. Our experts can inform and enhance processes to help solve real-world problems with practical solutions.


Massey is commited to developing applied, real world opportunities for sustainability-related teaching and research. Researchers at Massey University form partnerships with local councils, central government, crown research institutes and private companies in order to carry out research projects.