Ideas, imagination into sounds, words, pictures, products

Ideas, imagination into sounds, words, pictures, products
"I thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if there was a way to get children to be more enthusiastic about healthy eating, and even better if this idea also encouraged the kids to help their parents with preparing food’. That’s when it hit me. A blender in a bouncy ball!"

Industrial design student Roseanne de Bruin, finalist in the 2011 Electrolux Design Lab competition.

An industrial design student marries a bouncing ball with a blender. A psychology researcher deploys scriptwriting to illustrate a contemporary dilemma of the human condition. A literature scholar delves into medical texts and themes, transforming them into poetic eloquence. They’ve all won awards and earned accolades at home and abroad for their innovative work.

When we think of the creative impulse, we think of the arts. Painting, sculpture, music, storytelling and poetry are fundamental to what it means to be human, and they are essential to understanding the way we learn.

At Massey we are proud of our strength in the arts and humanities: fine art, literature and creative writing, music, philosophy, history and foreign languages. These disciplines form the bedrock for creativity across all three campuses, where innovative interpretations and creative cross-fertilisations proliferate.

Massey Wellington—Centre for Creativity—is home to the College of Creative Arts, which grew out of the respected Wellington School of Design.

Leaders in New Zealand’s creative and cultural industries include Massey alumni like fashion designers Kate Sylvester, New York’s latest ‘must-have’ designer Rebecca Taylor and trend-setting shoe designer Kathryn Wilson.

Special effects wizard Sir Richard Taylor, director and co-founder of Weta Workshops, learnt the tools of his trade at Massey. His career in film and television special effects epitomizes the spirit of innovation. He has been instrumental in putting New Zealand’s creative industries on the world stage, bringing home armloads of BAFTAs and Academy Awards and injecting much-needed international funds into the local economy. 

A degree course at Massey trains students to think creatively and connect their ideas to the real world. The prestigious Dyson Product Design Awards were launched in 2001 to reward exactly this kind of creative excellence. It is no accident that Massey has produced 84 finalists and 17 gold medal winners. The students’ consistently creative solutions to design issues range from Stephen Smith’s ArticSkin, a cooling vest worn by athletes, to Tim Cox’s ultrasound tool, which measures the commercial worth of a forest. Revolutionary creations such as the Fisher & Paykel dish drawer, Apple's iPhone, and Formway’s ‘Life Chair’ all came about through the work of Massey graduates.

Researchers from design are also working with colleagues from science on new ways to create with wool. One example is producing important ‘added-value’ models for using wool which meet modern needs.

Jazz embodies artistic innovation in a pure, playful form. With a passion to foster jazz genius in a new generation, musicians in the New Zealand School of Music agree that the Jazz Studies department at the Albany campus resonates with the sound of innovative spirit.