How we live

How we live
"In the 21st century, immigrants will contribute much-needed skills to the local talent pool, as well as entrepreneurship, exports—especially with various homelands—and new ideas. Creativity and innovation are increasingly associated with immigration and cultural diversity."

Professor Paul Spoonley, Sociologist.

Bold new ideas and progressive thinking are indisputably the driving force of a university. Transforming great ideas into tools, techniques and products that enhance the way we live and work is the ultimate challenge, and that's the domain of visionary academics wanting to make a positive difference—academics like those hosted in the New Zealand Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Centre (SIERC).

SIERC researchers develop best practice techniques with social impact—not simply wealth creation—in mind. Combining the passion of a social mission with business acumen, they work with universities around the world; not-for-profit, community and philanthropic businesses; and local body entities, embracing entrepreneurship while honouring sustainable, ethical practices.

Massey’s Wellington-based Joint Centre for Disaster Research is applying expertise drawn from psychology, planning and computer technology to show how we can better respond to natural catastrophes and mitigate their impact on human life, working in partnership with GNS Science.

The place of immigrants in New Zealand is critical to our nation’s future prosperity. The Albany campus sits in the midst of one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. In Auckland, 37 per cent of residents were born overseas, and immigrants and their children constitute 57 percent of the city’s population. Like their fellow Kiwis, immigrants want better, more peaceful and prosperous lives in a beautiful environment with access to quality education, housing and health services.

The Integration of Immigrants Programme contributes to policy innovation and implementation to ensure that immigrants’ skills are fully and appropriately utilised for the benefit of all.

Massey will play a significant role in how Auckland City evolves, through close engagement with the Auckland Council and its plan, Auckland Unleashed. Massey will strengthen the region’s economic growth through education excellence, research and development, and expertise on environmental, technology, financial, social and community issues. We encourage every staff member and student to consider how they can become involved.

Pasifika peoples are entering a new era as key players in the economic and cultural vitality of our nationhood. In this light, the Pasifika@Massey strategy—unique as a tertiary education initiative—is making enormous strides in connecting Pasifika communities with tertiary education. Research and mentoring by Pasifika academics, particularly in exploring and articulating cultural viewpoints and aspirations, have flourished since the strategy’s launch in 2007, touching and transforming lives.