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Teaching, research and engagement on climate change

Courses on Climate Change

We teach the science of, adapting to, mitigating and communicating about climate change in a wide range of courses at Massey. A selection of these are listed below: 

246.101 Science and Sustainability

197.270 Creative Ecologies

121.210 Environmental Issues

132.217 Planning Hazard-Resilient Communities

145.223 Climate Change and Natural Hazards

178.719 Climate Change Economics and Policy

233.721 Global Climate Change

228.744 Case Studies of Renewable Energy Systems

228.748 Climate Change Science and Policy

Research on Climate Change

To understand climate change we must draw on the full range of sciences, social sciences, design thinking, humanities, Mātauranga Māori, and expressive arts. Here are some of the wide range of Massey research projects and centres related to climate change:

Risk management planning for climate change impacts on Māori coastal ecosystems and economies

Biochar Research

PERC Political Ecology Research Centre

New Zealand Life Cycle Management Centre

Zero Waste Academy

Centre for Energy Research

Climate Change Network

Space Between

Educating for the future: addressing the relevance of climate change impacts to New Zealand social work education - by Lynsey Ellis (506 KB)

Connecting on Climate Change

A small selection of the ways that Massey staff and students are getting the word out about climate change

Migration and climate change for young geographers

Fashion Activism: Space Between China and NZ

Experiential learning for secondary students about climate change

Politics of lawn-mowing in the age of climate change

Theatre to provoke new thinking on climate change (2015)

Still Waving: Climate Change Theatre Action (2017)

New thinking for climate change impact on coasts

Climate changing, mindsets not