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Global Climate Change Week 9-15 October 2017

A week's not enough but it's a start

Sometimes it can feel like there are only two views on climate change: “help - it’s the end of the world, I’ll just stay in bed thanks”, or “it’s not as bad as they say, we’re a smart species and we’ll find a gadget to fix the problem so we can go back to doing what we’ve always done”.

That’s an over-simplification, of course. While there are lots of scary facts to grab our attention, these aren’t helpful if they lead to head-in-the-sand behaviour. As a university community we’re uniquely placed to produce research that will help address climate change, as well as educate our students about how the issue affects with them as future designers, journalists, public historians, transport planners, engineers, farmers and citizens of this world. The 2017 Global Climate Change Week provides a focus for the university community to take stock, hear about some exciting student research and do better on our GHG emissions.

Low Carbon Future Competition

Check out our Low Carbon Future Competition. 1st prize is $200.


During the week there will be events at all of our campuses and on Facebook live.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Find out how you can reduce your carbon footprint

Teaching, research and engagement

View our page about our courses, research and engagement on climate change.