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Climate change report concludes that immediate action is needed to limit inevitable impacts
A report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has just been released, including several key contributions from a Massey academic.
Declaration lays the foundation for global treaty on plastic pollution
Reducing plastic pollution around the globe is something that needs a unified approach in order to bring change, and Associate Professor Trisia...
Involving citizens in the science of weather
Dr Marion Tan has been leading a working group of scientists to develop the High Impact Weather (HIWeather) Citizen Science Guidance Note for...
No-one left behind: Massey signs Aotearoa sustainability declaration
In a bid to further Massey's commitment to the United Nation's Sustainability Development Goals (SDG), the university has signed the Aotearoa...
Massey researchers help to reintroduce Robins to Turitea Reserve
Toutouwai, North Island robin, are locally extinct in most of their original range but thanks to a collective community effort including several...
Massey key partner in programme supporting sustainable farming
A Dairy NZ led research project, in which Massey University is a partner, helping dairy farmers improve fresh water quality has just received a $8.98...
Massey at Fieldays: leading a sustainable future
When people walk onto Massey University's Fieldays stand asking what is being sold, Professor Chris Anderson is quick to reply, "we're selling your...
First graduates ready to make UN sustainability goals a reality
The first three graduates from Massey's new Master of Sustainable Development Goals say they feel empowered to tackle the climate crisis and other...
Māori view on Antarctica’s future
The inclusion of Māori and other Indigenous philosophies in the conservation management of Antarctica is the theme of an article co-written by...
Writing about nature in a changing world
A new creative writing course focusses on how the perils of 21st century life might inform how we think and write about our relationship with nature.

Sustainability events

8th Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference - December 2018

9-11 December 2018. Doctoral workshop: 9th December 2018.

The theme for this year's conference is Ethics and Sustainability in the Age of Disruption. A range of technological and organisational changes in recent years have significantly disrupted, and continue to disrupt existing ways of doing business around the world. We consider the implications that such disruption has on efforts to promote ethics and sustainability within the business sphere, as well as how the imperatives of ethics and sustainability can themselves disrupt existing business practices.

For further information and registration see 8th Annual Australasian Business Ethics Network (ABEN) Conference 2018

Feral: A Nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference - November 2018

12 November to 2 December.

Co-hosted by Massey University Political Ecology Research Centre (PERC) and Wageningen University Centre for Space, Place and Society (CSPS). Online conference.

In the twenty-first century, globalisation has become a truism, rather than a challenge or opportunity. People, money, resources, culture and power all flow around the world in ever increasingly complex systems and assemblages. Yet even as apparently almost all aspects of life become subject to global circulation, our ways of thinking about natural or non-human worlds remain stubbornly resistant to concepts of hybridity and exchange. Nature is so often imagined to have a proper place, arrangement or constitution: certain species are desirable and must be saved, whereas the flourishing of others (from algae to jellyfish to rats) can be taken as a sign of imbalance or degradation.

In order to re-examine how we conceive and value different forms of nature or the non-human, this event calls on participants to take up the feral as a way to explore the possibilities and problems of the human relation to the non-human world. The idea of the feral gestures towards forms of non-human life that have spurned human control or expectations: ‘bad’ forms of wilderness that are out of place and upset conventional thinking about the desirable or proper arrangement of nature. From biosecurity to so-called invasive species, ‘dead zones’ to re-wilding, urban pests to the idea of the feral calls on us to interrogate our assumptions about how, what, where and why nature ought to be, how we draw those lines and distinctions and how they speak to wider structures of power, political economy and privilege.

For further information see Feral: A Nearly Carbon-Neutral Conference.

Green Campus Day 2021

Please see Green Campus Day 2021.

5in5 Climate Change Events - October 2018

The 5in5 on Climate Change events were held in October 2018 in Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington. At the events five inspirational people spoke about climate change. You can view videos of their presentations.

Global Climate Change Week - 9-15 October 2017

Please see Global Climate Change Week.

Additional sustainability events

The following are other upcoming sustainability-related events at Massey. If nothing is displayed there are no upcoming events.

Sustainability memberships

Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability

Massey University is a member of Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS). In addition to the publically available information from their website all Massey staff have access to the member only area by registering on the website using their Massey email address. Webinars hosted by ACTS are available for Massey staff to join.

New Zealand Green Building Council

The New Zealand Green Building Council work in partnership with their membership organisations, a group of progressive businesses from all aspects of the building and property industry, with an aim to accelerate the development and adoption of market-based green building practices. As a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council, Massey staff and students enjoy a number of benefits.

Sustainable Business Council

Massey University is a Strategic Partner Member of the Sustainability Business Council (SBC). We are working with the SBC and other organisations to  help develop leadership in sustainable practices and education in the tertiary sector.

Sustainability blog

Check out our Sustainability blog to find out about our campus sustainability initiatives.