Sustainability Framework

Massey University has a strong record of teaching, research and engagement around sustainability-related matters. We are in the early stages of a process to reduce our carbon footprint as an organisation. But we can do more. Part of our challenge as a university is to decide where and how we can make a difference, and what our priorities should be.

Over 2017 the university consulted with staff and students about what should be in a Sustainability strategy. That process produced a draft ‘Revised Sustainability Strategy’. The Senior Leadership Team considered this document at meetings in January and February 2018 and has approved a ‘University Sustainability Planning Framework’ based on the draft Sustainability Strategic Plan. This Framework is being further developed through discussion with relevant units across the university. Work is also being done towards the development of a Climate Action Plan.


Sustainability Framework September 2018-2020 (669 KB)
Developing a Sustainability Strategy for Massey University (704 KB)
Sustainability Advisory Group Terms of Reference (254 KB)
Carbon Management Meeting Presentation 16 May 2017 (1,361 KB)
Water Conservation at Massey (111 KB)
Massey University Publications by SDG (15 KB)