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Office of Global Engagement Visitor Form

Welcome to Massey International.

As you may be aware the World Health Organisation has now declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. In light of this development, there will be no international visits until further notice.

For the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19 please visit the Ministry of Health website.

International Office Visit Application Form

Welcome to Massey International. Please complete this form, if you would like to request a meeting with the International Office, or would like the International Office to assist in organising a visit to Massey University.

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Has the person/delegation visited Massey University before? If yes, please state who, when and which College or Area was visited.
Please list specific objectives of the visit and include topics of interest for discussion so that appointments can be made with the appropriate Academic and General staff.

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Please identify the proposed areas of Massey you hope to visit. Colleges and Departments can be identified via the following link:

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If YES, provide the following information for EACH member of the visiting group:
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Provide details of who the Letter of Invitation (if required) should be sent to:
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Please note:

  • All visitors requesting a visit to Massey University must complete this form giving at least one month prior notice to the date of visit.
  • For the delegation to receive maximum benefit from their visit, international visitors in particular should either have the ability to communicate in English or be accompanied by an interpreter. Massey University is not always able to provide interpreter services.
  • This form will be received by Kerrie Simonsen Massey University International Office.
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