Find Yourself In New Zealand

Deferring 2022 applications

Study Abroad and Exchange students will not be able to enter New Zealand in time to start classes during 2022.  We encourage you to defer your application to Semester One 2023.

You can take online courses at Massey through Virtual Study Abroad if you don't want to wait for your New Zealand experience.

Studying at one of Massey’s three campuses is a great way to experience the Kiwi lifestyle, explore a beautiful country, and make new friends, all while gaining academic credit toward your degree.  Past students have shared great stories with us about their time here in New Zealand.

One of our students filmed the amazing things she got up to during her time at Massey.  You can't do all this back home!

Massey is a world-ranked university offering excellent courses when you're not out having the time of your life exploring New Zealand. Our What can I study page is a great place to begin looking for courses.

You can check our list of student exchange partners if you are not sure whether your home university has an exchange with us.

Gap Year Study Abroad

Many people look to travel overseas for a year after completing High School. You can combine travel with an introduction to university life by spending a semester at Massey University.

Our Gap Year Study Abroad programme is for those 18 or over at the beginning of their studies at Massey and who meet their home country/region requirements.

You can take first-year courses, stay in Massey accommodation, and explore New Zealand while earning university credit you can take back to your home country.

Global Student-Athlete

A semester abroad doesn't have to keep you from your training.  Global Student-Athlete provides athletes from any sport with a range of services to increase your strength, improve your stamina, boost your mental game, and send you back fitter than when you arrived.

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