Massey Genome Service

MiSeq instrument and checmisty

Illumina MiSeq instrument and cluster generation by solid phase PCR (bridge amplification)

Massey Genome Service provides DNA & RNA sequencing services to New Zealand researchers and students

The facility provides the following services:

  • Sanger sequencing and genotyping using ABI3730 and ABI3500XL genetic analyzers. Refer to ABI Sequencing and Genotyping Services for further information.
  • LabChip service for quantification and quality analysis of genomic DNA, PCR amplicon, and RNA samples for NGS. Refer to LabChip Service for further information. 
  • Massey universities provide genomics services and expertise on NGS using Illumina Miseq instrumentation. Refer to Next Generation Sequencing Services for further information. 

Due to COVID-19 regulations, there could be disruptions to the operation of the Massey Genome Service. Should there be any delays with the processing of samples and the releasing of data to client, we will inform you should this situation arise.


After 1st April 2022, new Sanger sequencing service price will take effect, please check pricing here

New instrument in Massey Genome Service (MGS)

Massey Genome Service has purchased an ABI3500XL genetic analyzer for sequencing and genotyping services. Details for the Sequencer can be found here.
We are processing samples using both ABI3730 and ABI3500XL instruments.

Introduction Applied Biosystems Sanger Analysis Modules

Applied Biosystems Sanger Analysis Modules are free cloud based softwares. They are:
  • Quality Check - For basic quality check. View .ab1 data and compare performance against thresholds 
  • Variant Analysis - For reference-based re-sequencing analyses
  • NGS Confirmation - For examination of CE variants to confirm variants detected by NGS platforms
  • Peak Scanner - For basic fragment quality check. View .fsa data, fragment sizes and identify peaks
  • Microsatellite Analysis - For genotyping based on DNA fragment size and microsatellite alleles present in sample
More information on Applied Biosystems Sanger Analysis Modules can be found here.
To use Applied Biosystems Sanger Analysis Modules, simply sign up Thermo Fisher Connect Platform here.