Vitamin D Research Centre

The aim of the Vitamin D Research Centre at Massey University is to provide an umbrella for the diverse range of vitamin D research interests of the scientists within the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health at both Albany and Manawatu Campuses.

dreamstime.jpg Because vitamin D deficiency is becoming implicated in such a wide range of disease conditions, the scope for vitamin D research is broad.

Researchers at Massey have expertise in a number of physiological conditions and lifecycle stages where vitamin D deficiency is potentially damaging to health in both the short and long term. These include bone health, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity and muscle strength, and during pregnancy, infancy and childhood, as well as older age.


Gaps in vitamin D knowledge a concern

A survey of more than 9000 New Zealand mothers has exposed gaps in knowledge about vitamin D's role in health that researchers describe as worrying.

Symposium charts latest Vitamin D research

Vitamin D and its critical role in pregnancy, infancy and childhood will be canvassed at a symposium at the Albany campus on November 18.

NZ study highlights Vitamin D-diabetes link

A nutrition researcher has found that South Asian women with insulin resistance improved markedly after taking vitamin D supplements.