Most exams will be online. 

There are a few exceptions. You will be told by your Course Coordinator well ahead of the exam if your course is an exception and the exam is not going to be online.

You can be assured that when an online exam is necessary, the arrangements will be secure and safe for you to use. Our systems and procedures are well supported and reliable, and information and opportunities for you to practise are available.

Online exams help to ensure that all students have an equivalent learning experience and of course, it helps to minimise health risks from COVID-19.

You can prepare for your exams by going to the following practice sites:

Online Supervised Exams (OSE) are accessed through Stream, starting at a set time, and completing within a time limit. Here is the link to the practice site for an OSE.

Time Constrained Assessments (TCA) and Assignments are exam-like but unsupervised assessments you complete on Stream, and where you have a time limit once you start. Here is the link to the practice site for a TCA.

Check your Semester exam timetable

Please check the date and start time for your exams by logging into the portal and clicking on the 'Results and exams tab'. Please note: The date and start time of your exam will not change. You should check your course Stream site close to the time of your assessment for the specific duration of your assessment.

'Anxiety Busters' during exams

Reduce anxiety and perform at your peak!

  • Exam Support Email- provided by Student Health and Counselling Service (Albany, Auckland) at studenthealth@massey.ac.nz. Emails will be responded to within the following working day.

  • Exam Support Email - provided by Student Counselling Service (Palmerston North) at s.counselling@massey.ac.nz. Emails will be responded to within 36 hours.