Stream frequently asked questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions about Stream. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, please contact us.

I can't login to Stream.

You can log into Stream using your student ID number and network password. If you are new to Massey and haven't set your network password, then please follow the instructions on setting your network password on the How to Access Stream page.

If you have forgotten your password please refer to the Self-service password reset page.

Your access to Stream may suspended if you have not paid your fees within the required period of time. Please check the Fees web pages for information about when fees are due.

I've completed the enrolment process, why does the course still not show when I access Stream?

Access to Stream is granted when you have received a Confirmation of Enrolment. Please see what happens after you apply for information about the enrolment process. Your lecturer may hide the course from student view until they are ready to make it visible. In most cases, your Stream environment will be available at the start of the semester, or just prior to. If, after the start of the semester, your Stream environment is still unavailable, check to see whether the course has a Stream component or contact us.

The Stream environments disappeared right after the exam, what happened?

The lecturer may take the course offline right after the exam. If you would like to retrieve study materials from the Stream environment, please contact your course coordinator who may make it available for a short period of time.

How private is my information?

You are encouraged to edit your Stream user profile and attach your own photo, but please do not include sensitive information. Always assume every Stream user may able to access your profile. Please ensure you have the correct email address within your Stream profile. By default your email address is hidden from other Stream users.

Any personal information which you provide to the University will only be used within Massey University and will not be disclosed to any other person.

Are there any special requirements for my computer and browser?

Yes, there are. For more details see online skills and computer requirements.

Can I use a computer from work or an internet cafe?

The short answer is "Yes". You should be able to access discussion forums and the main content of your course without any issues, but you may not have the administration rights to download and install software or change settings. This could cause a problem with Flash, Cookies, or JavaScript. In this scenario, it is best to talk directly to the IT person responsible for the computer.