Using Adobe Connect for virtual classrooms

classroom-icon.jpg What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is one of Stream’s core electronic tools for delivering virtual classrooms. 

How to use Adobe Connect as a participant

Prepare your computer or device for the meeting

For general computer use, please test your computer on the Adobe Connect Meeting test page

For mobile device (smart phones or tablet) use, please install the Adobe Connect app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android).

Join a meeting  

  1. Click on the web link to the Connect meeting room or type the web address directly into your web browser and press Enter on the keyboard (see Fig 1).

    Url example
    Fig 1 – Meeting room address

  2. Enter your Student ID number as “Login”, PIN as “Password” and click Enter Room. Some meeting rooms may allow you to “Enter as a Guest” if this is the case then type your name and enter the room (see Fig 2).
    Adobe Connect login example
    Fig 2 – Enter room button

Meeting room layout

Each Connect meeting room may be unique in appearance. The image below shows the typical layout for online tutorials.  

Example of meeting layout in Stream

A. Camera and Voice: The image of the meeting host.

B. Attendee List: Shows the name of meeting hosts and participants.

C. Chat: To send a message to everyone or start private chat if it is enabled by the meeting host.

D. Content: Main window for delivering the course content, can be PowerPoint slides, Screen sharing, a whiteboard, etc.

E. Speaker: Open the drop-down menu to adjust the volume or mute the speaker.

F. Status: Open the drop-down menu to change your status or provide prompt feedback, eg raise hand, agree, etc.


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