Submitting assignments in Stream

Electronic drop-boxes allow you to submit a file or files electronically in Stream. You do not have to include a cover sheet when submitting assignments as your details will be submitted to us with your assignment.

Locate the assignment drop-box

When submitting assignments online, you need to locate the appropriate assignment drop-box with an icon looks likeassignment-icon-2.gif. You can also access all available drop-boxes by clicking the Assignments link in the Activities side block.


Upload the assignment files

  1. Click Upload files (see Fig 1)

    Upload files example
    Fig 1 – Upload files
  1. Click Add… (Fig 2)
    Add attached assignment example
    Fig 2 – Add...
  1. In the File picker window (Fig 3)
    A. Click the Upload a file link.
    B. Click Browse… to locate the assignment file.
    C. Click Upload this file.

    Assignment file picker example
    Fig 3 – File picker
  1. In the Save changes window (Fig 4)
    A. Click Add… if you need to upload more files
    B. Click Save changes.
    Save changes example
    Fig 4 – Save changes
  1. Click Send for marking (Fig 5)
    Send for marking image
    Fig 5 – Send for marking
  1. Click Continue (Fig 6)
    Confirm assignment submission
    Fig 6 – Continue
  1. Submission completed (Fig 7)
    Submitted assignment
    Fig 7 – Submission completed


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