Using chat in Stream

You can use the chat rooms in Stream to chat with other students in your course and your lecturer.

How do I access chats?

Chat rooms are identified by the icon chat-icon.gif 

To access a chat click on the name of the chat. 

How do I use chats?

1. Click on the Chat link.

2. Click on the Click to enter the chat now link (Fig 1).

Example of chat room link
Fig 1 Enter chat link.

A new pop-up window will appear showing the message history (Fig 2 (A)), list of chat participants (Fig 2 (B)) and new message box (Fig 2 (C)). The message history and participants list will automatically update.

Example of chat layout in Stream
Fig 2 Chat window layout showing (A) the message history, (B) the participant list a (C) the new message box.

How do I send a message?

To send a message:

1. Type the text into the new message box (see Fig 2 (C) above).

2. Click Send.

Further information

  • All messages are broadcast to all participants.
  • Messages sent by you will appear in a different colour to messages sent by other participants.


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