Communicating with students and lecturers

This section includes commonly asked questions about communication within Stream. If you require further assistance please contact us.

I do not use Stream every day, how do I keep up with the discussions on the forums?

One way to keep up to date with forum activity is by using the forum subscription feature. If you are subscribed to a forum then all new posts will be automatically sent to your email address. Note: The ability to subscribe to forums is enabled by your lecturer. Some forums may not allow you to subscribe.

To subscribe to a forum:

  1. Click on the forum.

  2. In Settings click Subscribe to this forum (Fig 1).

    Subscribe to forum example
    Fig 1 Subscribe option in the Forum settings panel

How do I reduce the number of emails from the forums, but still keep informed?

An alternative to receiving an email for each individual forum post is to use the digest feature. In Stream a digest is a daily compilation or summary of forum posts for all forums that you are subscribed to across all courses. 

To set the digest option:

  1. Under Settings, in the My profile settings group click Edit profile (Fig 1)

    Edit profile example
    Fig 1 Edit profile link under Settings

  2. Under the General settings find the Email digest type option and select one of the options (Fig 2). The different email digest options are explained below.

    No digest (single email per forum post) - as forum posts are posted to forums you are subscribed to they get sent to your email.

    Complete (daily email with full posts) - all posts to the forums you subscribe to are delivered in one email at the end of the day.

    Subjects (daily email with subjects only) - the subject lines of the posts in the forums you are subscribed to are delivered to your email at the end of the day.

    Email digest type example
    Fig 2 Forum post digest options

  3. Click Update Profile to save your changes.

Can I edit my post after it is submitted to a forum?

In most cases after posting on a forum you have 30 minutes to edit the post. After 30 minutes the post is locked and cannot be edited or deleted by you.

To edit a post:

  1. Locate the post you want to edit.

  2. Click Edit (Fig 1)

    Edit forum post example
    Fig 1 Forum post edit link


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