Changing your course layout in Stream by docking and undocking blocks

Docking a block

Docking a block creates more space on your course page and enables you to still have access to the information in these blocks. You are able to dock blocks from the right and left hand columns.

1. Click on the blue and white icon  Docking icon (Fig 1) to move the block onto the left hand side of the screen (Fig 2).

Stream navigation example
Fig 1 – Docking icon in block

Docked block
Fig 2 – Location of block once docked

Undocking a block

1. Click on the docked Navigation block (Fig 1).

Docked block
Fig 1 – Docked Navigation block

2. Click on the Docking icon in the Navigation block (Fig 2). The block will then return to the column that it was originally located on.

Example of undocked block
Fig 2 – Undocking the block


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