Stream course layout

This page includes an introduction to the layout of Stream courses and information about how to change what is displayed.

My home page overview

When you log in to Stream, you will land on the "My home" page, which lists all your Stream courses. Wherever you are within the Stream, clicking on “My home” will return you to this page (see Fig 1).

A. Dock bar: At the far left of the screen, hosts docked blocks. Hover the cursor on the tile to see the full contents of the docked block.

B. Breadcrumbs (navigation bar): above the centre column, tracks your path as your navigate through different components of your Stream course.

C. Side columns: on either side of the centre column, usually contains navigation, settings, and learning support blocks.

D. Centre column: occupied by course overview, which lists all your Stream courses, click on the course name to access the course.

Layout of Stream example
Fig 1 – Home page

Using the breadcrumbs (navigation bar)

Stream breadcrumbs example
It shows you where you are now - which course, which topic, which resource etc. You can click on the navigation bar to quickly move around the course. For the sample above, you are within a course called “Stream Experience” > Topic 4 > Example Assignment Dropbox.

Using the navigation block

Usually located at the left-hand side of the screen, the Navigation block allows you to move easily within each component of your course and access other courses. You can also access your profile and site pages through the Navigation block.

Stream navigation block example

Using the block header bar

Here are two buttons on the block header bar:

A. Hide button: collapse the contents of the block, click again to extend the contents.

B. Dock button: click to dock the block to the side dock bar.

Stream calendar example

Using the dock bar

If a block is docked, hover the cursor on the title to see the full contents of the block, you can click Undock this item to move it to the side column.

Stream dock bar example


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