Quizzes and tests in Stream

This section includes information about the question types in quizzes in Stream and a commonly asked questions. 

Common question types in quizzes

Once you have clicked the Attempt quiz button to start the quiz, you will be shown some questions. Here are some of the common types of questions you may come across.

Essay question

A quiz essay question has a large window for you to type your answer into. This will not be marked automatically, but will be read and graded by your lecturer or assigned marker.

Quiz essay question example  
Fig 1 – Essay quiz question

1. Type your answer into the window provided.

2. If there are more questions, click Next to go to the next question.

3. After the final question is completed, click Submit all and finish to submit your answer for marking. 

Matching question

A matching question requires you to match the correct answer to the question.

Matching quiz question example
Fig 2 – Essay quiz question

Select a matching answer from the Choose drop-down list.

Multiple choice question

A multiple choice question gives you more than one answer to choose from. It can let you select just one answer, or it can allow you to select more than one answer.

Single answer example:

Multiple choice example
Fig 3a – Multiple choice quiz question (single answer)

Select your answer by clicking the option button beside the option you choose.

Multiple answer example:

Multiple choice quiz question example
Fig 3b – Multiple choice quiz question (multiple answers)

Select your answer(s) by clicking the check boxes beside each option you choose.

Short answer question

A short answer question usually only requires one or two words. Be careful when typing your answer, because this is marked automatically and is likely to penalise incorrect spelling.

Short answer quiz question example
Fig 4 – Short answer question

Type your answer in the box provided.

True/false question

A true/false question offers two choices.

True or false quiz question example
Fig 5 – True/False question

Select the option that you think is correct.

Sitting quizzes and tests frequently asked questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Stream quizzes. If you require further assistance please contact us.

I started a quiz within the allocated time period. Can I take a break and continue the last attempt afterwards?

No you cannot leave the quiz once you have started it because the time allowed for the actual quiz attempt starts immediately when you begin to take it. If a quiz is made available over a time period longer than the actual quiz attempt, this is to allow students to take the quiz at a time convenient to them and is not the actual quiz attempt time. If you log out of the quiz it will continue to run until time is up.

I start a quiz with no time limit, so can I take a break and continue the last attempt afterwards?

If you are sure that the quiz has no time limit then yes you can. Instead of clicking Submit all and finish, click Save without submitting and close the quiz window. The system will save your answers and you will be able to return to the same part in the quiz when you come back to it.


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