Academic Standing

Academic Standing will not be calculated from 2020, recognising the disruption due to Covid-19. Your previous Academic Standing history will remain visible in your Student Portal.

In previous years Academic Standing provided you with a mechanism that allowed you to see how you were progressing in your studies. It helped us to identify and acknowledge your progress and recognise when you needed extra assistance.

Your grades were used to calculate your standing. The process was run at the end of each semester and Summer School once your grades were available. Results for Double Semester courses were included at the end of Semester Two.

Your first University Academic Standing was calculated at the end of your first enrolment period and then every following semester, including Summer School. Depending on your grades, you were assigned one of the following standings:

  • Excelling.
  • Good.
  • Achieved.
  • Academic Management. 
  • Academic Risk. 
  • Insufficient grades to calculate.

For details about the standings see Academic Standing Statuses.

Course Standing of Excluded: This is your standing if you fail a course three times within five years. Fail results are D, E, F and DC. This can apply to any course, from any enrolment period.

Qualification Standing of Excluded: This is your standing if you are enrolled in a qualification with specific progression or exclusion rules and fail to meet the requirements. This only applies to a small number of qualifications.

PhD and research masters students were excluded from the University Academic Standing and Course Academic Standing process.

Additional information is included in our Academic Standing FAQs.