Distance learning contact workshops


Contact workshops are an opportunity for you to interact with other distance students taking the same course and to receive face-to-face tuition. They are designed as an integral part of your study programme.

Distance students attending contact workshops are welcome to make use of any of the on-campus student services and facilities provided.

Your contact workshop details will be e-mailed to you, along with an invitation to register for your contact workshops (or a confirmation, if you have already registered).

Contact workshops may be held at Massey’s Auckland campus (located on Auckland's North Shore), Manawatū campus (located in Palmerston North), and Wellington campus, as well as at a Christchurch venue. Overseas students should only enrol in courses with compulsory contact workshop requirements if you are prepared to return to New Zealand.

Contact workshop dates, times and locations

Contact workshop dates and venues are available by going to our course search, entering a course number and clicking search and then clicking on the appropriate offering.

For room locations log into your student homepage and click on the Timetable button. 

Attendance requirements

Compulsory contact workshops

If you enrol in a course with a “compulsory” contact workshop, it is a requirement that you attend. Failure to attend a "compulsory" contact workshop may result in failure of the course, regardless of the rest of the assessment. Exemption from attendance may or may not be possible. If you are unable to attend, you should make an application to the Course Coordinator prior to enrolling in the course. In any case where an exemption is not granted, you should nominate an alternative course that has a "recommended" or no contact workshop. It is essential when you are choosing your courses that there are no clashes of compulsory contact workshop.

You will be sent information irrespective of whether you register or do not register. You are encouraged to register as this assists in determining how many students will be attending at each location. Please also ensure that you make appropriate accommodation arrangements well in advance of the contact workshop.

Students studying offshore should only enrol in courses with compulsory contact workshop requirements if you are prepared to return to attend the contact workshop in New Zealand.

Recommended contact workshops

You should plan to attend the contact workshop if at all possible. You will need to register in order to receive date and venue information. If you do not register, it is assumed that you are not going to attend and no information will be sent.

Please note that recommended contact workshops may be cancelled if there are insufficient enrolments, so please register well in advance.

Registering for a contact workshop

Once you enrol in a course you can register for your contact workshop using any of following methods:

  1. logging into your student homepage, clicking the Results and examinations tab and clicking the Register onto contact workshop link.
  2. contacting Massey Contact