Maximum student workloads

Massey University has maximum student workloads in place. This means there are limits to the amount of study you can undertake in one semester, or academic year.  This is to help students plan their workloads to enable them to maintain a balance between their study and personal lives

Recommended workloads

Up to 60 credits per semester* (totalling 120 credits) with up to an additional 30 credits for Summer School.

Maximum workloads

The maximum student workload may not exceed 180 credits per academic year. This may be taken as 75 credits per semester* (totalling 150 credits) with up to an additional 30 credits for Summer School. Alternatively, students not taking the maximum 75 credits per semester may take up to 60 credits for Summer School.

* Credits for double semester courses are assigned in equal parts per semester.

  1. Students will be permitted to take the maximum credits per semester or the maximum credits per academic year if they passed 100% of credits in their most recent enrolment period with a minimum 'B' average.
  2. New students will not usually be considered to study the maximum workloads.


  • Programmes delivered in structured parts:
    Students will normally be advised in their Confirmation of Enrolment Form that they will not normally be permitted to take more than the required number of credits per semester and academic year.
  • Programmes requiring a higher workload to complete:
    Students will be advised of the additional workload requirements in their Confirmation of Enrolment Form. Some allowance may be required for specific programmes.

Appeal process

Students denied permission to undertake additional credits who wish to appeal the decision, should do so to the Pro Vice Chancellor (or nominee) of the appropriate College before the last day for adding courses to the relevant semester. The appeal should outline any particular reasons for taking additional credits and how the student intends to manage the higher workload.

Postgraduate programmes

These maximum workloads do not apply to postgraduate programmes whose workloads will be assessed based on the rules for their programme.