Course work and assessment

General course work

Course work for your study is designed to introduce you to new ideas, perspectives, experiences and theories to develop your own knowledge and understanding. You can expect to spend 10-12.5 hours each week on each 15-credit course you are studying.

The format of your course work will depend on your qualification and mode of study. All students can expect a lot of reading and to research from a wide range of academic sources. On-campus students studying Nursing, Design or Science-based qualifications can expect practical sessions in placements, workshops and laboratories, in addition to the lectures and tutorials that students studying other subjects will have. Distance students are expected to cover the same amount of material as the on-campus students. However, their course work may be structured differently; as modules and possibly a contact workshop, rather than lectures.

Many courses have an online component. This may include readings, videos, quizzes and forums, as well as administration and assessment information.

Formal assessments

Typically, each paper has a number of formal assessments. General information about a course’s assessments can be found on the course information page. Specific assessment requirements for each course will be detailed in the Course Guide or Assessment Guide which will be available two weeks before the start of semester.

Assessment may take a number of different forms including assignments (eg essays, reports, posters), a final examination, tests, presentations, laboratories, field trips or on-campus workshops. Generally, you are not able to re-submit an assessment to obtain a better mark.

For the majority of courses, you will be able to electronically submit your assignments for marking.

We have a 15 working day turnaround time for returning marked assignments (starting from due date, and only if you submitted your assignment on time). Assignments for off shore students will be returned by airmail or electronically.

View some examples of written assignments.


When enrolling in distance courses you nominate the venue where you would like to sit the examination. For students studying off shore, venues are also available outside of New Zealand. If you are studying on-campus, then the examinations will be held at your campus.

We are also able to make alternative arrangements for students with an impairment, injury or disability, or students who are pregnant or breastfeeding. For more information see the Examinations web pages.

Need more information?

Please contact us if you need more specific information or would like to discuss your options.