Creating your Online Student Profile

When you are enrolled you are given an online profile page. We strongly encourage you to complete this and update it as you progress through your candidacy. Please see below, a guide as to what information should be included in your profile at each year of your study, and examples of students’ profiles at different stages of their candidacy.

The Doctoral Student Profile Update Page can be accessed using your student ID number as your username, and your student network password or PIN as your password.

If you have any queries regarding the content to include on your page, please contact the Graduate Research School (, or if you have any technical issues please contact RIMS Help Desk (

Example of current candidate
Year One 1.  What previous education (Masters etc) have you completed. What discipline, subject, institute did you undertake your previous studies in.

2.  Why Massey University, was it for the expertise in a specific subject, or Supervisors?

3.  How did you get interested in the topic? Do you/did you have a role or job that was spurred on your PhD? Are there questions that have arisen in your work or previous study that encouraged you to undertake your PhD?

4.  Broad outline of the research that you are looking at undertaking

5.  Draft working title
Emily Wu
Year Two Post Confirmation: Now is the time to define your profile a bit more
1.  Add in the Title

A mini-abstract of your investigation and should put the most important words first

2.  The outline of the research that was presented and approved as part of confirmation procedure.

Purpose of the research: Where is the gap in the knowledge, why there's a need for the study

3.  Begin with something interesting, e.g., a quote or story, to engage the reader, who may be a potential collaborator, employer in the future

4.  Introduce your question or curiosity. What is it that you want to know or understand?

5.  How did you get interested in the topic? If your question has evolved since you have begun, describe the process.

6.  Outline the methodology that you will utilise in your research, is there anything unique about the methodology that you will be applying
Susyn Kelly
Year Three 1.  Critique what you have already included.

2.  Add some details about how your research is progressing. Do you have any preliminary findings, or have you had to change anything about your proposed research given work to date.

Lab work: i.e. the initial protocol we were using sodium in the autoclave and found that this was significantly stunting the growth of the yeast strains, the resolution has been to change the sterilisation process to autoclaving in a 50% glycerol solution in water solution.
Fieldwork, i.e. just completed data collection on season one of the migration of wide-mouthed frogs. We found we had to use motion sensors cameras that had the on light disabled as it was found that these startled the frogs and made observation impossible.

3.  Do you have any outputs from your research yet?

Add any links to Papers, presentations, articles

4.  Do you have an images from your research that you could embed
Sara Coleman
Year Four Continuation on from year three – add any significant details of how your research is progressing and any outcomes

1.  Where to next; Seeking a fellowship to continue research, looking to apply the skills and knowledge gained in your PhD to the sector.
Angela Parody-Marino