Find out how tuition fees are charged for domestic and international doctoral students.

Doctoral tuition fees

You can start your PhD study at anytime throughout the academic year.

Normally you will pay full tuition fees from the start of each calendar year, with the exception of the first and final year of your study, which may be a partial year, depending on your start date.

Fees are not charged once you submit your thesis for examination. Note, if you submit part way through a month, the fees charged will be for the full month.

If you are a part-time student, your fees will be pro-rated at 0.66 of the full tuition fee.

Named doctoral students

Both the Doctor or Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Social Work are only open for domestic student enrolments. You will start the programme at the beginning of the academic year and fees are charged accordingly.

International PhD students

The New Zealand government provides all international PhD students studying within New Zealand with a government subsidized scholarship which allows international students to pay tuition at the domestic fee rate. As part of the Immigration New Zealand student visa requirement, you will need to pay your full first year tuition fee at the time of accepting your Offer of Place and before you can enrol.

University fees

All University fees are payable immediately upon the University issuing a Confirmation of Enrolment and before the start of study or earlier if required by the University and specified in an Offer of Place.

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