Deadlines and extensions

The qualification you are enrolled in may have an impact on the type of extension available to you. In some cases it may be more practical to withdraw from the course and complete a fee appeal, (provided there are extenuating circumstances).  If you wish to follow the fee appeal option, you will need to supply relevant supporting documentation.

The generic extension application form reflects extension options of one month, one semester or one year. Long term extensions are not always possible.  The University must meet regulatory compliance factors which differ for PBRF research courses ie thesis and taught courses.  All extension applications for more than one month must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

Applying for an extension

To apply for an extension, you need to log into your student homepage and select the Research tab.  For extensions longer than one month, you will need to upload supporting evidence ie medical certificate, death certificate, confirmation of ethics delay etc.

Applying for an extension may have implications on funding or immigration. You should seek advice from the relevant authority.

Programme extension

A programme extension is required if you wish to extend the length of time for the completion of your full programme. If you are not studying for a semester, a programme extension allows the corresponding time to be added to your qualification completion date.  This is usually used in order to preserve eligibility for Honours or Distinction/Merit.

Course extensions for thesis

All theses are parts-based, with students enrolling in part one in a single semester (if full-time) or double semester (if part-time), progressing to an enrolment in part two in the same mode.  The two parts combine to form the full thesis.  If submission is not possible at the conclusion of your part two enrolment, you are required to re-enrol and pay fees each semester until you are able to submit, unless you meet the criteria for an extension. 

One month extension – this is effectively a grace period which provides you with one further month in which to submit your thesis. If granted, you are not required to re-enrol.

One semester/one year extension – if you have extenuating circumstances which are beyond your control ie delay in obtaining ethics approval, serious illness, family bereavement, unexpected change in work commitments, delay with exhibition etc. you may apply for a longer extension.  

Carry Forward of Postgraduate Enrolment - where appropriate, a long term extension may be approved along with Carry forward of Postgraduate Enrolment.  This means that the fees paid for the previous enrolment will be carried forward for the approved extension period.  An administration fee applies.

Course extensions for dissertations/research reports/projects

All dissertations, research reports or project courses must be submitted by the end date of the course. If you are unable to do so, you must re-enrol for the next enrolment period and will be liable for tuition fees. If you have extenuating circumstances, you can apply for an extension – supporting documentation will be required.  If you qualify for Carry Forward of Postgraduate Enrolment, you will be re-enrolled but the fees will be waived. 

Note: There is NO provision for a one month extension on dissertations, research reports or projects.

Extensions for taught courses

Extended time to complete individual courses may be given. You need to discuss your circumstances with your course co-ordinator and negotiate an acceptable timeframe.  A grade of NF (not finalised) will be temporarily assigned to your course (you are not required to re-enrol in the course). You will be advised of the deadline for the submission of your remaining work. Provided you meet the extended deadline, your course will be marked and the NF grade will be replaced with the assessed grade. If you do not meet the extended deadline a fail grade (usually a DNC) will be assigned. Provided you are within the timeframe for completion of your programme, you can re-enrol in the course – current fees will apply.