Before enrolling in postgraduate study

Depending on your chosen programme, there are different entry requirements.  As a general guide, students are expected to have a major (or equivalent) in the subject area and achieved the following grades:

  • B- average for entry into Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma
  • B average for entry into Masterate programmes
  • B+ average for entry into an Honours programme

For some programmes (eg Master of Science, Master of Veterinary Science), it is necessary to arrange your course supervision before we can confirm your enrolment. Research in these areas is often highly specialised and supervisory resources may be limited, supervision needs to be checked prior to you starting. We do not want to say you can study with us and then find there is no adequate supervision available. If you are applying for one of these programmes, we will contact you after you have completed your enrolment online to explain the additional requirements. If you need help please contact us.

Some programmes are Selected entry which means you need to submit additional documentation, evidence or a portfolio by a specific date to support your application. Applications are considered by a selection panel and places offered to suitable candidates. Meeting the entry criteria does not guarantee a place in the programme, as there are often limited places available. Please use the programme search to find out more information about the programme you are interested in. 

Students can commence their taught courses whilst the confirmation of the thesis course is pending. The thesis course will be confirmed once supervision has been finalised.