Enrolling in postgraduate study

To begin your postgraduate study you will need to check you meet the entry requirements for your selected qualification. You can contact one of our postgraduate consultants to get help in checking these requirements. Once you have determined that you are eligible to enter the programme, you can then apply online. 

Some programmes are selected entry. Selected entry programmes have specified dates by which applications must be received. Please check the application requirements for your intended programme carefully. In most cases you will be required to supply additional documentation to support your application. Admission to the programme will not be confirmed until the selection process has been completed.  

Once you have applied, your application will need to be approved, and you will receive an notification in your student homepage inbox notifying you that an 'Offer of Place' has been issued to you. For some programmes it is necessary to arrange course supervision before we can confirm your enrolment. If you are applying for one of these programmes, we will contact you after you have applied to explain these requirements.

Once you accept the Offer of Place, you will receive a 'Confirmation of Enrolment'.