Getting started

Now that you are enrolled, you will need to get working! If you are undertaking courses as part of your first year in a Masters degree, then you only need to follow the instructions for each course. Check your timetable and follow your lecturer's instructions. If you do not know how to start your courses, or have not been given sufficient information, please contact our student advisors. If you are embarking on your thesis, then these next few pages are for you, focusing  on your research and how we can support you.

Before you start your research, you will be allocated a supervisor. If you do not have a supervisor arranged by the start of the semester, please contact your academic unit. We would expect that you will have been having conversations with academic staff in your school or institute in the year before you undertake your research, so you have a better understanding of the types of research projects that might interest you. If you have not had those conversations, please do.

Your first step is to start on your proposal. Your supervisor is your first line of support.