Prospective doctoral students

Massey University is committed to making sure students are well supported, have top quality experiences and graduate with skills that make them highly employable. We have world-class researchers supervising our students in a range of disciplines.

What doctoral study involves

The doctoral degree is the highest degree awarded at the university. The degree constitutes a significant piece of research in the form of a thesis or exegesis of up to 100,000 words or a series of publications that make a substantive and original contribution to knowledge. At Massey the research must be defended before a panel of experts and takes 3-4 years maximum to complete for a full-time student. The professional doctorates also include course work and in some cases internships/practicums.

Find a doctoral course

We offer internationally recognised research-led qualifications that are hugely relevant in today’s world.

Find a supervisor

Our supervisors are active and well known in their fields of expertise. They provide the best support to our students.

Why choose Massey

Cutting-edge research

Massey has a strong pedigree as a research-led university, for example we are ranked No1 in New Zealand and 30th in the world in agriculture.

Internationally recognised

We are a global university. Our doctoral students come from over 25 different countries, and we have agreements with over 200 institutions worldwide.

Support for doctoral students

We create an excellent experience and provide great support to Massey's doctoral students. Our campuses are innovative, creative and host some of the world’s leading research centres.