Support for doctoral students

We create an excellent experience and provide great support to Massey's doctoral students. Our campuses are innovative, creative and host some of the world’s leading research centres.

Student support

When you study with Massey University you become part of a large academic community.

Student services

We offer a vibrant campus life for our students and provide excellent recreational facilities on all of our campuses. You will receive:

  • academic support
  • career guidance, and
  • health and well-being support.

We provide a range of training opportunities to our research students too.

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Meet our students

Find out what our doctoral students have to say about their research experience at Massey.

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Academic support

At Massey University, we provide our doctoral students with the best expert advice and tools they need to be successful in their area of research.

Online research library

You will find all the information you need to successfully complete your doctoral study in the Research Services section of the online Massey University Research Library.

Research Services - Massey online library

Expert supervision

Our supervisors are active and well known in their fields of expertise. They provide students with the best support so they complete their research degrees successfully.

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Application process

Find out about the entry criteria for doctoral students and the application process.

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