COVID-19 Services for Overseas Students

If you are not in New Zealand, and your travel plans have been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak, we want to do all that we can to make your study with Massey as successful as possible. Here are the ways that we are working to help you.

Library Online Resources

Library Website

The Library website is generally accessible, but loads slowly in China.

Online Journal Articles and Ebooks

You can search Discover and other article databases to find books and journal articles, but your search may be slow if you are in China.

You can also use Discover and other article databases to access the full text of journal articles and ebooks, though this may be slow.

If you are an internal student, but are not in New Zealand and your travel plans are affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, you can request that the Library scan or save and email you journal articles and book chapters.

You can ask for help getting articles using the Check for full text link, or using the following forms:

If you cannot access these forms, please email us your request at Remember to include as much detail as possible.


If you do not have a copy of your textbook, you should be able to access a scan of the first required reading chapter in your Stream course (within copyright and licencing allowances). Should you require further material from your textbook please contact us using the Part of Book Request form and we will do our best to assist within copyright and licencing allowances.

Print Books

We will not be able to send you printed materials or books so please don’t use the Request button in Discover to request physical books.

We can scan and email you a portion of a physical book as long as your request meets copyright conditions. Use the Part of Book Request form or email us your request at

Library Online Demonstrations and Help

If you need help with anything or have questions please email for individual, personalised assistance.

Show Me How Online Demonstrations

We are aware that our usual platform will probably not play in China. We have published a core set of our online demonstrations to Youku for clients in mainland China.

  • The closed captions are not available – we have transcripts which are available upon request. Please email us to request a transcript at
  • There will be around 15 seconds of advertisements when you click on the URL

Discover in Detail (3:00 min.)
Demonstrates the more advanced functions of Discover and looks at advanced search and managing references.

Getting Started with Discover (3:00 min.)
Demonstrates how to access Discover, perform a basic keyword search, and locate journal articles (using MasseyLink or Full Text) and books.

Finding Specific Articles (4:00 min.)
Demonstrates finding a specific journal article using Discover.

Finding Specific Books (3:30 min.)
Demonstrates searching for a specific item in Discover. Also shows requesting.

Ebooks (4:00 min.)
Demonstrates how to search for ebooks using Discover, the different access options available for reading an ebook, and where to find FAQs and support.

Plan Your Search (4:00 min.)
How to find information for your assignment or research by analysing the topic and creating an advanced search strategy. Tips for how to refine or expand on your results.

Search Using Your Plan (3:30 min.)
How to apply your advanced search in different databases, including Google Scholar.

Scopus (4:00 min.)
Scopus is a major multidisciplinary database. Demonstrates entering a search, sorting results, and retrieving the full text of articles.!8~5~A&f=59869234&o=1

Web of Science (3:30 min.)
Shows how to search for articles on a topic, and how to get to the full text of articles if held by Massey University Library.!8~5~A&f=59869234&o=1

Live Teaching Sessions

We will be using Zoom for online live teaching sessions, and this is reported to work well in China.

Sessions will also be recorded where appropriate or applicable and made available for downloading to view later. Streaming of online video content is not generally possible for many in China.