Wāhi Rorohiko (Computer Zone)

Every Campus Library has a Wāhi Rorohiko (Computer Zone) where you can sign in to use the computers.

Applications and Software Available

The computers in the Library have the same range of software and applications as in the general student computing labs. Library and ITS staff provide support for many of these, though not all.

  • Windows Operating System
  • Microsoft Office
  • Internet Browsers
  • EndNote
  • Adobe
  • Multimedia players
  • Student Massey network drive (H:) drive

No additional software or plug-ins may be installed on the computers.

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Computers are available on a first-come first-served basis. Computers may not be reserved, except by Library staff. Computers unattended for more than 20 minutes may be signed out by Library staff and made available for other users.

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Appropriate Use

Use of the computers should be in accordance with the University’s Use and Access to Information Technology Systems Policy. Please limit activities that are not course-related (e.g. social networking, email) at peak times or when others are waiting to use computers.

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Sign In

  • For help with your sign in details, see the Login Help page
  • If you have trouble with signing in please come to the Service Point for assistance.

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Sign Out

It is important you sign out after using the computers otherwise other users may access your files and use your budget. Click the "Start" button on the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, then click on your user name from the menu, and select the sign out option. 

Any data that is not saved (e.g. to your OneDrive, H: drive, USB drive, cloud storage) will be deleted when you sign out.

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  • Printing may be released at any printer by swiping your ID card or logging in.
  • The default print setting is double-sided, black and white. For other options, select print Properties.
  • Your network account must be in credit in order to print.
  • Money is deducted from network accounts at the time of printing.
  • GST is deducted at the time you pay money into your network account.
  • Double-sided are charged as two copies.
  • Costs are available on Printing, Copying and Scanning.


MobilePrint allows you to print from any internet-capable device (e.g. laptops, tablets, phones) to any FollowMe printing Fuji Xerox device on the same campus.

For instructions please see MobilePrint.

If you have any printing problems please ask at the Service Point.

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Network Accounts/Budgets

In order to print, your network account balance must be in credit. Some course coordinators provide students with a computer budget as part of their course.

Money may be added to network accounts at the Library’s Service Point (cash or EFTPOS) or using the EFTPOS workstations. Cashiers in the Registry Building / Contact Centres can also add money to network accounts.

Credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) may be used to add money to network accounts online through the student homepage

Note that GST is deducted at the time you pay money into your network account.

You can check your account balance through the student homepage.

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Saving Work

Files may be saved to your H: drive (which is backed up to a server each night), to cloud storage (such as OneDrive), or to your own portable storage device (e.g. USB drive, external hard drive).

We recommend that you back up your files to a safe location, such as your H: drive or OneDrive. USB drives are frequently lost. You should also save work regularly during each session, since at times there may be unexpected network disruption.

All unsaved files will be deleted when you log off from your session (this includes any files saved to the desktop).

If you wish to save documents received by email, click on "Save" rather than "Open" when you are prompted to download the attached file, otherwise you may lose your document.

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Computer Skills

Help sheets on common Microsoft Office tasks:

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Massey students and staff can connect free to the Massey wireless networking services provided by Information Technology Services. Commercial wireless ISP networks are available for visitors.

For more information on configuration and coverage, please visit Getting connected.

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Campus Library Wāhi Rorohiko (Computer Zones)

Each of the Massey Libraries has a Wāhi Rorohiko (Computer Zone). For specific details about these choose one of these libraries:

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