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Information Skills Development

We offer a wide range of face-to-face and online teaching support for Massey University staff and students.

Face-to-Face Classes and Teaching Support

Contact us for face-to-face teaching support

We teach information skills development classes for students at all levels.
We tailor our sessions to your students’ subject area, and prefer to maximise benefit by aligning the sessions to an assignment or other research task.

Our Māori Services and Subject Librarians are eager to work with you to get the best result.

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Stream and Online Teaching Support

We teach information skills development modules for students at all levels in Stream and other online teaching environments.
We tailor these modules to your students' subject area and prefer to align the modules to an assignment or other research task.

Give a Subject Librarian editing access to your Stream course and we can:

  • Provide a 24/7 point-of-need information skills development module
  • Monitor a library forum so that students can work directly with a librarian on finding information for their course or assignment

Student stories about our modules

Arrow After watching the tutorials I found only helpful material. I feel like I wish I had taken these tutorials at the start of my study at Massey (4 years ago) it would have been a great help. (!!)

Arrow I found the short video clips really helpful, especially the one explaining how to use the search engines.

Arrow I feel confident that from practicing and conducting these searches, it will assist me in being able to find a lot more information for future essays/ assignments. It is a great resource to have!

Staff stories about our modules

Arrow "It was very comfortable for me and very easy...I had some really good conversations...and [Liz] went away and did all the work"

Arrow "It's really good to go into partnership with a librarian...various students have really enjoyed the way course has been's not difficult to do and they learn really easily and they find they're upskilled"

Dr Kama Weir
Institute of Education

Information Literacy at Massey University Library

Massey University Library is committed to the development of information literacy skills among students and staff.
Find out what Information Literacy is and how we can work with you.

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