Non-Borrowing and Electronic Access Services

Non-Borrowing Services

Individuals who are not currently enrolled students or staff (but may have borrowing privileges) have access to the following services:

Use of the Library

Non-borrowing use of any of the Massey University Libraries is freely available to members of the public. Reading spaces and photocopiers are provided. Guest access to Discover allows you to search for Library books and media.

For individuals who want to borrow from the Massey collection, interlibrary loan (via your own institutional or public library) or financial membership (under Registered Member Categories) is recommended.

Document Supply

A document supply service from Massey University Library collections is provided to external clients:

  • Articles or book chapters (within the Copyright Act) are emailed. May not be able to supply from electronic resources.
  • $20 per article
  • Please pay in advance
  • Contact us to make your request

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Interlibrary loans

Articles may be obtained from another library on interlibrary loan, and supplied to external clients:

  • Articles are emailed
  • $30 per article
  • Please pay in advance
  • A signed authorisation must state that the purpose of the article is for research or private study
  • Books cannot be obtained on interlibrary loan for external clients
  • Contact us to make your request

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Visitor Access to Electronic Resources

Use the widget below for Visitor (guest) access to Discover to search for print items only (books and journals). It can be used on and off campus.

Walk-in access

Visitors to any of the Massey University Libraries have access to some (but not all) electronic resources, where licences permit, using their own devices on the MU Guest wifi network.

For access to these, go to Electronic Resources  for Walk-in Visitors.

Further information on how to access these resources is in this brochure:  Walk-in Resources Walk-in Resources (223 KB)

Printing is available by putting documents on to your USB and arranging payment/printing with Library staff.

View the list of databases for public access in the Library

View the Terms and Conditions for Article Databases, Ejournals, and Ebooks.

If you have any questions about this service please contact us.

Free article databases

There is a great deal of scholarly publishing freely available on the Internet. Some useful databases are:

Citations to agricultural literature.

Open access journals in the field of biology and medicine.

Cochrane Library (systematic reviews and clinical trials)
Cochrane Reviews are systematic reviews of primary research in human health care and health policy, and are internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidence-based health care. They investigate the effects of interventions for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation. They also assess the accuracy of a diagnostic test for a given condition in a specific patient group and setting.  Full access is provided free to all New Zealand citizens by the Ministry of Health.

DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals
A one stop shop for users of open access journals in all subject areas. Only scholarly or peer reviewed journals are included. 

EPIC Resources
Full text journals from a range of journal article databases. These resources are provided to New Zealand citizens through local libraries. Ask your local public library to arrange access for you.

Education related resources, including peer-reviewed full text journal articles.

Google Scholar
Google’s search engine for scholarly articles and books. Many items are free, while others may be available through inter-library loan at your local library. Google Scholar is also an excellent tool for locating influential articles and books, using the 'cited by' links.

National Library of New Zealand Search
Abstracts and some full text of items from a wide range of New Zealand journals, newspapers and other sources.

A huge range of open access digital resources, including books, journal articles, newspapers and more.

PLOS (Public Library of Science)
A wide range of open access articles.


Biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books.

Open access journals in the areas of science, technology, medicine, the humanities and social sciences.

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