Rangahau: Research at Massey

As a verb, rangahau means to search and seek out. As a noun, it refers directly to the act of researching. Our Rangahau: Research at Massey publications demonstrate the breadth of ongoing and completed research across Massey University.

Rangahau - issue 3 2020

Issue 3, 2020

Research stories

  • Transforming planning education through te ao Māori
  • Māori interpretations of sport, health and beyond
  • Māori disaster risk reduction and emergency management
  • Māori and the virtual world
  • The teacher who loves to teach
  • Improving access to fruit and vegetables
  • Sleep in the childbearing years
  • Using sport for social change
  • Using Māori knowledge systems to protect the environment
  • Filtering through our biological past
  • Traditional Māori knowledge of natural hazards and the environment
  • Putting mathematics in its place
  • Data collection and modelling for wildlife management
  • The secrets of kōiwi tangata
  • Showcasing Māori art
  • Art and the land
  • The sounds of nature
  • Māori social capital
  • Māori concepts of ancestry in bird conservation
  • Te reo in the library
  • Māori education that works
  • Flight simulation on a budget
  • Teaching and practising contemporary Māori art
  • Māori perspectives on psychology
  • Conserving the kororā
  • Toi rerehiko
  • Understanding our unique ecosystems and landscape
  • Social justice in disasters
  • Giving back through art

Rangahau 2018

Issue 2, 2018

Research stories

  • Rethinking flat-pack furniture
  • A pathway to Māori research in business
  • Locking up carbon
  • Can corals adapt to climate change?
  • Access to primary health care
  • Birth, animal welfare and bioethics
  • Reluctant wanderers
  • Social justice at the heart of social work
  • Protest and action in the digital age
  • Māori philosophy and social justice
  • Mathematics in a geometric universe
  • Modelling the natural world
  • Reflections in neon
  • Flushing out drug trends
  • A fashionable lens on culture and society
  • Our most dangerous volcanoes
  • The magic of the silver screen
  • Reducing disease risk
  • Wairua, affect and our national days
  • Nutrition for health and performance
  • Health, work and ageing
  • Manufacturing with microbes
  • Tackling poverty
  • Selective breeding in the genomic age
  • Designing for human engagement
  • Mathematics for opportunity and equity
  • Ensuring wellbeing at work
  • Speaking of plants
  • Insights into the evolution of bird song
  • Can entrepreneurship create social change?

Issue 1, 2016

Research stories

  • New Zealand's Civil War
  • A better future for Nauru
  • Theatre for social change
  • Financial literacy development Timor-Leste
  • Lifting student achievement in mathematics
  • The diversity dividend
  • Design that unites and inspires
  • Brand buzz in the echoverse
  • Mandatory, and useful
  • Designing cities for little citizens
  • From The Chills to the classroom
  • Alcohol policies
  • The evolution of cancer
  • Fighting a dangerous disorder
  • A good gut feeling
  • Helping youth make a successful transition
  • Is your pet making you sick
  • Healthier classrooms for Kiwi kids
  • Unravelling the secrets of diabetes
  • Designer ice cream
  • High-performance honey
  • Food microbes that stick around
  • Putting the squeeze on atoms and molecules
  • 'Green' fuel may not be so green
  • Partnerships for healthy estuaries
  • Harnessing the power of business
  • Applying with precision