Animal ethics

From Thursday, 16 September 2021, all ethics applications will be submitted via Massey University's Upgraded Research Information Management System (RIMS).  Access to RIMS and all information regarding policy, application processes and guidance material can be found on OneMassey (Staff) and MyHub (Students).

All Massey University staff and students are required to obtain permission from the Massey University Animal Ethics Committee (MUAEC) to undertake manipulations on animals for research or teaching purposes.  The terms, 'animal' and 'manipulation', are defined in the Animal Welfare Act (1999) in sections 2 and 3 respectively.  The Act can be accessed at:

Researchers and teachers are required to minimise the ethical cost of animal use by considering the three Rs:

  • The number of animals used should be reduced to the minimum required
  • Manipulations should be refined to minimise their noxiousness
  • Animals should be replaced with alternative procedures wherever possible

Please download the Code of Ethical Conduct for the Use of Live Animals for Research, Testing and Teaching for more information.  All staff and students intending to use animals must read the Code of Ethical Conduct before submitting an application.

Contact the MUAEC Secretary for any queries.

Presentations to Groups

The Chair meets with user groups from time to time to discuss ethical requirements.  If any staff would like to arrange such a visit, please contact the Chair directly.