Research themes

Massey was founded and maintains a strong pedigree as a research-led university. We continue to offer vibrant areas of capability where research excellence is fostered and advanced to address the complex issues faced by New Zealand.  
We remain deeply allied to our nation’s land-based industries - and to the innovative care and management of our natural resources. Our research pedigree in agri-food, veterinary medicine and sciences and engineering is internationally recognised.
Our solid record of research excellence in social sciences, health studies and humanities is also well established. This activity has not only significantly contributed to New Zealand’s social wellbeing and environmental policy; it has helped underpin Massey’s leadership in Mäori knowledge development.
More than 125 years of accumulated experience in the creative arts means the authority of Massey research in this vital sector is unrivalled. Our fundamental contribution to both the cultural and commercial narratives of our country is widely recognised.
Through this wide and ambitious portfolio of research capability, Massey is today connected with research institutions, industry and businesses around the globe.
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