Does the Code cover my issue?

If the research conduct which is troubling you involves a staff member, then the Code does apply, as the Code covers all staff conducting or supervising research under the auspices of Massey University, including Professors Emeritus, Visiting, Adjunct and Honorary staff and contracted researchers.

The research actions of students (and staff who are students) enrolled with Massey University for qualifications involving research are covered by the Student Academic Integrity Policy (p3).

A short guide to the Code

Part 1

Purpose and background
Principles of responsible research conduct
Responsibilities of the University
Responsibilities of researchers

Part 2

Research misconduct
Categories of non-compliant research practices
Principles for dealing with breaches of research conduct and research misconduct

Appendix 1

Guidance on responsible research conduct
Research practice
Research supervision
Research records and data
Dissemination, publication and authorship
Peer review
Conflict of interest
Collaborative research
Public communication
Research involving identified communities
          Research with Māori communities
          Research with Pasifika communities

Appendix 2

Procedures for dealing with minor breaches and research misconduct
Procedures for dealing with allegations related to an external research agency with its own policy for dealing with research misconduct

Appendix 3


Code of Responsible Research Conduct document

Code of Responsible Research Conduct (244 KB)