Code of Responsible Research Conduct

Responsible research conduct is research being carried out in an honest, sound and trustworthy manner through all stages. The Massey RRC Code describes through principles and explanations, what ‘good research behaviour’ is according to internationally recognised standards.

The Code of Responsible Research Conduct applies to all research irrespective of whether a research ethics code is also involved. RRC focuses on researcher behaviour in relation to data and other academics, while the Codes of Research Ethics cover researcher behaviour in relation to participants (humans or animals). Research which does not involve participants still has the potential to create issues around aspects such as data integrity, plagiarism, authorship attribution, responsible dissemination etc and the RRC Code provides guidance about good scholarship in these areas.

RRC Principles – brief summary (see the Code for more detail)


in presenting goals and disseminating results


in performing research and reporting it

Robust methodology

and analysis in terms of disciplinary scholarship standards


from financial, ideological and organisational interests

Open communication

appropriate storage of and access to data

Duty of care

respect and care for participants, environment and cultural objects


in attribution and with colleagues

Responsibility to society

and to new researchers

Code of Responsible Research Conduct document

Code of Responsible Research Conduct (244 KB)