Student Enterprise @ Massey

Student Enterprise @ Massey is an opportunity to experience enterprise and entrepreneurial activity outside of your degree. 

Enterprise means "doing" so this initiative gives you the opportunity to make changes. Those changes could be around sustainability, climate change or community initiatives. The area of focus is up to you.

Improving the student experience

We work with Campus Co-Lab to enhance the student experience at Massey. If you have an idea you believe will enhance your student experience at Massey, you can share the idea with Campus Co-Lab for advice and help to take it forward.

Find out more about Campus Co-Lab

Enterprise studios

Enterprise studios

Three new enterprise studios have been set up on each campus. These studios will host workshops, programmes and other events throughout the year. You can book studio space for your own event too.


Competitions, programmes and workshops

Find out about the Grand Ideas, Eureka and Momentum competitions and programmes available to students through Student Enterprise.

MUSE logo

MUSE club

Massey University Student Enterprise (MUSE) club's mission is to foster an ecosystem for students and professionals to realise various projects and start-up ventures.