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Chaplaincy Service | Minita Whakapono

Chaplains are here to support students through their time at Massey University.  They have a holistic understanding of life as physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

Massey researcher Professor Sir Mason Durie developed a Māori view of health and wellness, the Whare Tapa Whā model.  It has four dimensions: taha wairua (spiritual health), taha hinengaro (mental health), taha tinana (physical health) and taha whānau (family health). Different parts of a wharenui (meeting house) represent each dimension. Taha wairua (spiritual health) is represented in this wellbeing model as the gateway. 

Spiritual wellbeing includes the values and beliefs that determine the way people live, the search for meaning and purpose in life, the capacity to have faith, and to understand the links between people and the environment.

Making sense of life and learning

Many of our campus chaplains are volunteers who willingly give their time to support students. They provide opportunities for learning, dialogue and celebration, as well as a link to faith communities.

Connect: Being away from home and working hard can sometimes be a challenge. Campus chaplains are here to connect with you and help you connect with others.
Reflect: Student life gets busy with deadlines, exams and projects. Sometimes it's really good to be able to take time out and take life in.
Support: Sometimes 'stuff' happens that we may not have bargained for. The campus chaplains are here for you in such times.

Our campus chaplains offer a listening ear. They are trained in pastoral care, and affiliated with the Aotearoa New Zealand Tertiary Chaplaincy Association.

Chaplaincy is also an important role in the life of the university, leading services, karakia, opening of buildings, blessing of important spaces, funerals, memorials, religious festivals, and tend to pop up at most significant moments. 

Students can talk to our campus chaplains face to face

  • Having doubts about what you are doing?
  • Feeling stressed out?
  • Wondering about the worth of it all?
  • Wondering where God fits into your life?
  • Looking to be connected to a local worshipping community?
  • Wanting to pray with someone?
  • Wanting to find a balance and meaning in your life?

Please come and visit us.  You can get a cuppa, read, study, chill out, chat - whenever the door is open you are welcome to drop in, or make an appointment to talk to a campus chaplain.  Check out lots more information on student faith groups on each campus. 


Massey Business School building, level 1
09 414 0800 ext 43449
Facebook Spiritual Wellbeing Auckland


The Centre | Te Wairoa
06 350 5597
Facebook Spiritual Wellbeing Manawatu


Student Services Trust building, level 2 (above Tussock)
04 801 5799 ext 63775
Facebook Spiritual Wellbeing Wellington

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