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Support for victims and survivors

If you, or someone you are aware of, has experienced sexual assault or harassment you can receive specialist support from trained professionals. You do not have to cope with this alone and there are a number of free and confidential services you can access support through.

You may wish to access specialist counselling, medical services, receive financial or accommodation support, or need academic adjustments and support. You may want to talk to a trained professional about your options for reporting and support. You can do this confidentially through the following services.

Counselling support

It is important to think about your emotional health needs. Explore your options for support inside and outside of the University.

  • Student Health and Counselling
    Students can access general practice medical services and confidential counselling support on campus.
  • Find Support
    ACC's Find Support programme helps you access ACC-funded support following sexual abuse or assault, in your time, on your terms. Alternatively victims of sexual violence may make direct contact with ACC's Sensitive Claims Unit
  • HELP Auckland: +64 9 623 1700
  • ARCS Manawatu: +64 6 356 5868
  • Wellington Sexual Abuse HELP: +64 4 801 6655 and push '0' at the menu
    Wellington Rape Crisis: +64 4 801 8973 (during business hours only)

Medical and forensic support

If you have been sexually assaulted, it is important that you access specialist medical care. Doctors who are specially trained to work in this area will ensure you don’t have any injuries, talk to you about preventing and screening for pregnancy and STIs, and provide a forensic medical examination if you are thinking of involving the Police.

In the situation of a recent sexual assault (within seven days or less) prompt medical care is essential for your health and safety. Medical attention is important for detecting and treating a range of medical concerns, including sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and both apparent and internal injuries.

You may want to consider whether you want medical and forensic care to collect evidence for the Police if you decide you want to report the matter. This is your decision and you can receive support and information about the process, and have a trained specialist support you through this process. You can receive information about this without having to decide whether you want to proceed.

Massey Health Services can assist in non-urgent cases.

University based support

Sexually harmful behaviours can impact your ability to focus, motivation to study, and ability to attend class. You can access confidential support for academic matters to ensure the academic impact is limited. You may need to access extensions or have academic adjustments made, you may need extra time, special exam considerations, or support to access lecture material. You do not need to disclose what happened to academic staff, and adjustments can be made without academic staff needing to know your circumstances.

You can have a confidential conversation about your academic needs and receive support from:

  • Student Care team
  • Halls Managers if you are living in one of the Massey Halls of Residence,
  • Student Health and Counselling on your campus,
  • The Student’s Association Advocacy Service on your campus. Students’ Association Student Advocates are independent from the University and can help you understand your options, rights and responsibilities, and help raise an issue or make a complaint.

International student support

International and refugee background students may experience a number of barriers when seeking support after sexual harm. You may experience a lack of social support, financial stability, access to resources, and have language barriers. You may also be fearful of risking your, and others, safety and security.

In New Zealand the rules and law relating to sexual assault and harassment apply to everybody—no matter how long they have been here. Citizens of other countries who are visiting New Zealand are also protected by our laws. It is also important you know there is support available to you, that you know your rights, regardless of your immigration status, and that your cultural beliefs are understood and respected. The International Student Support team can support you through any of the meetings or conversations that you have. Find out more about International student support.

Student Health and Counselling Service

Students can access general practice medical services and confidential counselling support on campus. Find out more about health and counselling services.

Safety support

If you feel unsafe—either on or off campus—there are urgent and non-urgent options for seeking help.

  • New Zealand Police
    If you are concerned for your immediate safety or the immediate safety of someone else you should contact Police on 111.
  • Campus Security
    Campus Security maintains a 24-hour presence on campus in order to ensure safety and security. They patrol all campuses, responding to emergency situations and coordinating First Aid responses.
  • Hall of Residence
    If you are living in one of the University’s residential halls and want to talk to someone about the wellbeing, safety and academic support you can receive from the hall staff you can contact your Hall Duty Manager or a Residential Assistant.

If you want to discuss safety concerns on campus where there is not a threat to your immediate safety you can contact Security for professional advice and guidance about safety.

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