Fraser Mulvaney

Doctor of Philosophy, (Animal Science)
Study Completed: 2011
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Investigating methods to improve the reproductive performance of hoggets

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Mr Mulvaney examined the differences in hogget and mature ewe reproductive performance. He also investigated whether farmers’ negative perceptions of breeding hoggets was warranted based on live weight at their subsequent mating and their reproductive performance as 18 month old ewes. He found that compared to mature ewes, fewer hoggets were bred. Of those that did breed, there were less pregnancies and foetuses at pregnancy diagnosis and fewer lambed, and weaned a lamb. Lambs born to hoggets were lighter at birth and weaning. However, there were no differences between mature ewe and hogget foetal loss or lamb survival. Mr Mulvaney further found that more hoggets offered ad-libitum levels of pasture pre-mating and during the mating period were mated, lambed and were heavier at weaning compared to hoggets offered medium levels of pasture. There was no difference in foetal loss, lamb survival and lamb live weight at weaning between nutritional treatments.

Professor Stephen Morris
Professor David West
Professor Patrick Morel
Professor Paul Kenyon