Sharini Sinhadipathige

Doctor of Philosophy, (Animal science)
Study Completed: 2014
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
The Effect of Herb-Clover mixes on lamb performance

The quality and production of ryegrass/white clover pastures are seasonal in New Zealand, affecting the lamb meat production. Herb-clover mixes of plantain, chicory, white clover and red clover have a higher nutritive value and production from spring to autumn seasons. Ms Somasiri investigated the lamb production on herb-clover mixes from spring to autumn. Her research has shown that sheep farmers in New Zealand can finish lambs at a faster rate for heavier carcasses using herb-clover mixes from spring to autumn than on ryegrass/white clover pastures. 

Professor Paul Kenyon
Professor Stephen Morris
Professor Peter Kemp
Professor Patrick Morel