Muhammad Anwar

Doctor of Philosophy
Study Completed: 2017
College of Sciences


Thesis Title
Measurement of True Ileal Calcium Digestibility of Feed Ingredients for Broiler Chickens

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The recent interest towards the use of digestible phosphorus in poultry feed formulations necessitates the measurement of true calcium digestibility of feed ingredients because of the close relationship between these two minerals for their absorption and post absorptive utilisation. Mr Anwar conducted a series of studies to measure the true calcium digestibility of different feed ingredients for broiler chickens using various methodologies. Calcium digestibility of feed ingredients has been assumed to be very high but it was observed that it varies from 40 to 70 percent. His research showed that the use of digestible calcium in feed formulation will help to increase the phosphorus utilisation and to minimize feed cost and environmental pollution due to less excretion of undigested phosphorus in the environment.

Professor Ravi Ravindran
Professor Ganesharanee Ravindran
Associate Professor Aaron Cowieson
Professor Patrick Morel